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I'm Undergraduate IT Student at kj somaiya college of engineering practical and versatile IT student with significant experience collaborating on the troubleshooting process, working on different project Seeking for a position that will utilize my skills and experience.

  • Name: Hritik Jaiswal
  • Date of birth: May 31, 2000
  • Address: 1/314 , Swarajya CHSL , Dadar (west) , Mumbai
  • Zip code: 400013
  • Email: hritik.jaiswal@somaiya.edu
  • Phone: 7303412313



Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Guru nanak high school

Percentage : 89.4%

GPA : 3.57


Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

Kishinchand Chellaram (K.C) College

Percentage : 81.69%

GPA : 3.26


Bachelor of technology

Information technology, K.J Somaiya college of engineering (K.J.S.C.E),Vidyavihar

Aggregate CGPA : 8.35 (till SEM 6)

GPA : 3.7









Computer vision


Machine learning


Deep learning


Mern stack


Shell scripting


Information and natwork security


Natural language processing


Database management system



May - 2018

Computer vision

Color detection and Tracking using Opencv

Detect a object and Track the object at each frame of the video ,

Tech stack used:

: Python, Numpy, Matlotlib, OpenCV3

Dec - 2018

MATLAB Simulation

Real time simulation of 3 wheel drive using MATLAB

Simulink is a simulation and model-based design environment for dynamic and embedded systems, integrated with MATLAB.

Tools used :

: Simscape multibody toolbox

July - 2019

Machine learning

Amazon fine food review - Sentiment analysis
Tech stack used :

: Python, Numpy, NLTK, CountVectorizer, TFIDF, Random Forest Algorithm

August - 2019

Web application

Feedback system portal

The Feedback System portal contain admin, faculty and student login options where each user logs in with their respective user-id and password.

Tech stack used :

: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, PHP

October - 2019

Web development

Create a Multi-functionality Collaborative Environment.

Would provide a very good opportunity for freelancers to take up short term projects and would also help students to test their practical concepts by working on a real-life project.

Tech stack used :

: jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Firebase, CSS, HTML5, Socket.IO, JWT

September - 2019

Computer vision

Blob Detection

Detecting a blob (region of similar pixel value)from video

Tech stack used :

: Matlab

November - 2019

Native mobile app development using Flutter

Tik Tok app

Flutter application - TikTok clone app added Home page ,Profile & Login Page and Register Page

Tech stack used :

: Flutter

August - 2019 to Present

Texas Competition(IICDC)

Amphibious Autonomous Surveillance UGV Project

Developed Self Balancing Amphibious Surveillance Robot which traverses autonomously and it is also made to be terrain proof. This bot has threat detection capability, audio and video live streaming, foot steps detection, object tracking, chat bot and dynamic path planning. This bot traverse using 2d Lidar, Depth camera, Camera, IMU and small Infrared sensors. This robot is controlled through Jetson nano and Atmega 328p which was integrated through ROS and also simulated using Gazebo and V-REP. DWA Planner and a combination of A* and Potential field path planning was implemented for optimal planning.

Tech stack used :

Software : Embedded C, ROS, OpenCV, Yolov3, React.js, Socket.io, Javascript, Gazebo simulator, Solidworks

Hardware : Camera, Atmega 328p, Nvidia Jetson nano, Gyro stabilizer, intel realsense depth camera, GPS Module,Smoke sensor, Lidar sensor, IMU, Encoders, BLDC Motors, 4G Modem

Jan - 2020

DD Robocon 2020

Matlab simulation

Rugby kicking simultion design on Matlab.

Tool used :

Simulation multibody toolbox (Contact force-spatial, sphere to sphere, sphere to a plane, Simulink data inspector)

February - 2020

Hackathon Project

ATSBot Developed by Team CodeCrafters

Recruitment Assisting platform which will help recruiters filter out resumes for a particular job profile.

Tech stack used :

Reactjs, Firebase, Flask, Cheerio, NLTK, Node.js, Scikit-learn, Firebase Cloud Firestore

March - 2020

Hackathon Project

Zuly Chatbot Developed by Team CodeCrafters

Zuly is chatbot based application which help an individual to overcome his Mental disorder by exploring parameters like tracking anxiety levels, stress levels and physical and mental tiredness.

Tech stack used :

Reactjs, Semantic UI React, Tensorflow, NLTK, Tflearn, Flask, NLTK, Node.js, Firebase Cloud Firestore

July - 2020

Tata innoverse solverhunt

Covid19 Prolem solution

Implementation of Real time face mask detection and social distancing tracking.

Tech stack used :

TensorFlow, Keras, Yolov3, MobileNetV2, SSD (Single short Detector), OpenCV, Caffe, Pillow

Key Scholastic Achievements

September - 2018

Abhiyantriki - 2018

2nd prize in Amaze impossible.

Organized by IETE K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

Dec - 2018

Technical paper presentation

2nd prize in technical paper presentation

Organized by ISTE Prakalpa 2019 - Certificate


ABU - Robocon

Secured AIR-#5 in DD-Robocon 2019

Team K.J.S.C.E Robocon secured AIR-5 in ABU Robocon held at IIT DELHI - Certificate

October - 2019

Abhiyantriki - 2019

2nd prize in Bit rebels

Cybersecurity competition hosted by CSI K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

February - 2020

Technext 2020

2nd prize in Hackit 2.0

Hackathon organized by CSI K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

October - 2020

ABU Robocon - 2020

Secured Best Idea award in stage 1 of DD Robocon.
All India Rank 8 in Finals and All India Rank 1 in Stage 1 and 2 of Abu-Robocon Competition 2020.

Organized by DD Robocon held at IIT Delhi - Certificate

Licenses & certifications

June - 2018

R Programming Workshop

Certificate of Pariticipation.

Organized by EXTC Department of K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

July - 2019

Team K.J.S.C.E Robocon Technical Workshop

Certificate of achievement for organizing workshop.

Organized by Team K.J.S.C.E Robocon - Certificate

August - 2019

Python Automation Bootcamp Workshop

Certificate of Completion.

Organized by Team K.J.S.C.E Codecell - Certificate

October - 2019

K.J.S.C.E Hack

Certificate of appreciation.

Hackathon is a part of K.J.S.C.E’s annual tech fest, Abhiyantriki Organized by K.J.S.C.E codecell - Certificate

May-2019 to august-2019


Certification of Web developement Internship at SDC K.J.S.C.E.

Feedback System is part of Internship project - Certificate



Quarter finals round certificate.

Competition organized by Texus instrument - Certificate

NOTE :Competition still in progress


Codeshastra 6.0

Certificate of appreciation in hackathon.

Hackathon organized by D.J sanghavi college of engineering(DJSCE) - Certificate

March - 2020


Certificate of appreciation for being top 7 finallist in techno-business event.

Organized by Bloombox K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

July - 2020

The Data Science Platter workshop

Certificate of Completion.

Organized by Alumni Cell K.J.S.C.E - Certificate

August - 2020

Tata innoverse solverhunt

Certificate of Participation.

Organized by Tata Sons Private Limited - Certificate

August - 2020

Fundamentals of Python

Certificate of appreciation.

Organized by Hackerrank - Certificate

September - 2020

Machine learning Competitions

Certificate of appreciation for being AIR - 43.

Organized by Alienbrains - Certificate

October - 2020

DevFest India

Certificate of appreciation.

Organized by Google Developer Group (GDG) Community india - Certificate

November - 2020

RAISE 2020

Certificate of Pariticipation.

Virtual Global Summit on Artificial intelligence Organized by IndiaAI - Certificate



Certificate of Participation.

Competition organized by IIT Kharagpur and Coding ninjas - Certificate


February - 2020

Game Design Document of Red Dead Redemption 2

See publication at - Medium

October - 2020

Hacktoberfest 2020: My Journey as a contributor

See publication at - Dev









Contact Me


1/314 , Swarajya CHSL , Dadar(West) , Mumbai-400013

Contact Number

+91 7303412313